Client Satisfaction




Mr. Mirabelli

I would like to take the opportunity to compliment the fine work American Aircraft Interiors did on our company’s Hawker 800 XP.

The entire process from initial bid to project completion was thoroughly professional and when a family emergency necessitated the use of our aircraft your crew was more than willing to work throughout the night in order to complete the interior a day early. Not only was it done early, it was done correctly. I can honestly say that dealing with AAI was truly a pleasure

It would be my pleasure to recommend AAI to anyone that needs interior work done on their aircraft. Should any of our aircraft need refurbishment in the future, AAI would definitely be my first choice

Sincerely Joe Clements




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June 12, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently American Aircraft Interiors, under the direction of Mr. Andy Mirabelli, completed a complete custom carpet install, and cockpit seat, jump seat, and side panel restoration in one or our Challenger business jets.

At first I was a little more than skeptical at the proposal since his bid was lower than the other companies’ bids. After a brief discussion with Mr. Mirabelli and review of samples as well as knowledge of other aircraft that he has worked on, I accepted his bid.

I am really glad that I did. The first carpet that was delivered I never saw because when Mr. Mirabelli took delivery of it he noticed that it had defects which he could have hid – but didn’t. Instead he reordered the hand made carpet from a different mill and pursued the original mill for a resolution which he made sure didn’t affect us.

The end result was a “PERFECT” product that is ten times better than the original product which was installed at a large completion center. Mr. Mirabelli’s recommendations made the airplane feel warmer, richer and much more comfortable. The colors were slightly modified to compliment the interior better, and the pilot seats are a cut above other business jets I have flown. All of the executives in our company that have traveled in the airplane have nothing but great remarks.

Mr. Mirabelli and his staff at American Aircraft Interiors have made my Job much easier and increased the value of our aircraft more than if I had taken the job elsewhere. Our second Challenger will be coming up for a new carpet and interior within the next year or so and I will be taking the project to American Aircraft Interiors.

If you would like a personal recommendation, please feel free to call me anytime at (951) 491-9579

Thanks Andy to you and your staff. Great Job!!!


Douglas J. Schultz
Director, Flight Operations
Applera Corporation
Oakland, CA




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Dear Andy:

I am writing as Chief Pilot for Robert Trent Jones II, a California corporation engaged in the international design of golf courses. In support of our regional operations, we own and operate a Cessna 340 cabin class twin-engine aircraft.

Recently we had the interior of the aircraft completely redone by your company in fine leathers and ultra-suede fabrics. We even had you install a Nakamichi entertainment system complete with tape player, compact disk changer, AM/FM radio and individual listening stations at each of the aircraft’s six seats.

I would like you to know how wonderfully pleased we are with the beautiful and thorough job that was done by you and your team at Southcoast Aircraft Interiors. The work done in carrying out the refurbishing reflects a hand-made craftsmanship that one simply doesn’t see anymore. Wherever we take the aircraft, people look inside and are awestruck by your work. Those of us who get to fly in it enjoy the soft luxury of the new materials with their cool colors, augmented by the superb sound system. It literally has changed the flying experience to a feeling of “First Class” all the way.

The ongoing effort you personally made throughout the project to keep us informed of your progress made us feel as though we were genuinely involved in the work. We are grateful for this professionalism as well.

People may be surprised that a company with a headquarters in northern California would go all the way to Ramona Airport in southern California to have this work done. Well, our research told us that the extra effort to come to you would be well rewarded. That has certainly proven to be the case. You may advise any potential customers of our great satisfaction with your work.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Yours Truly,
Allen Zink




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Dear Andy,

Just a note of thanks and appreciation on your professional and excellent work you’ve accomplished in the interior overhaul of our Jetstar.

Throughout our travels, we get constant compliments from people on the looks and craftsmanship of your work. In fact, one gentleman that had the opportunity to see the inside one day, say, and I’m quoting him, “this is the nicest Jetstar I’ve seen, and I’ve seen quite a few of them in my business. It is without a doubt a 10”.

So there you have it Andy, your work is an eye-catching and conversation piece every time we fly our airplane.

Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best in your professional endeavors.

Jurgen M. Steppel
Chief Pilot – J. L. Construction Co.




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Dear Andy,

I have known you and American Aircraft Interiors for over 5 years now and I’d like to take a few minutes out to thank you and tell you what a wonderful job you have done for us.

I look for 110% in attitude and workmanship when contracting business for my company. After interviewing 10 aircraft interior companies and receiving two confirmations from very pleased customers of yours, you became our choice as well.

Your superb craftsmanship and attention to detail was only exceeded by the integrity you exude and the sincerity in which you conduct your business.

When the bottom line was drawn, you were not the least expensive Andy. You were merely the best.

Thomas L. Sweeney
Director of Aviation




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As I understand it, NASA was happy with the seats and the plane was released on time. If you need anything else regarding this project, contact Rick Barnes at American Valley. He is working on the aircraft TT for your records.

Thanks again for your rapid response to this A.O.G.





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Dear Mr. Mirabelli:

Let me express my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for the very professional manner in which you selected and detailed the interior appointments for my company’s Golden Eagle 421C. Your coordination of color scheme together with your attention to detail has attracted the attention of every aircraft specialty company which has viewed the interior.

During a recent stop-over in Wichita at Cessna, they requested pictures of the interior and the name of the designer/installer. Of course, I was pleased to refer them to your company.

Your careful attention to detail and the very high quality of craftsmanship make you second to none in your industry. You not only did a magnificent job redecorating the interior of the aircraft, but you provided expert sound proofing, and you did so within your original estimates. Because of this, the down time of the aircraft was minimized.

We will be pleased to provide you personal references because of the extraordinary job you did on this aircraft.

Very Truly Yours,
James B. Panther




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Dear Andy:

After taking delivery of my Conquest in June of 1997 after your completion of the interior, I have received countless comments regarding the uniqueness and quality of the interior-outfitting job you did.

It was a big decision to take the airplane to the U.S. to have it done rather than get in done in the U.K. and I was apprehensive about having the airplane done so far away, but my research paid off.

Several people recommend your company and I am glad I acted on them. The airplane has the look, and is of the quality that one usually only sees in a large corporate jet. The attention to detail is very impressive and I will be talking to you in the near future about doing the Lear 35. Feel free to use us as a reference should any of your prospective clients want one.

Yours sincerely

Donald S. Milne




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Dear CPA:

Last year I sought to reduce the noise level of my Turbo Centurion with great success. My rear windows were the double pane variety you mentioned in a previous article.

I asked Mr. Andy Mirabelli of Southcoast Aircraft Interiors, located in Ramona Airport, Ramona, CA, to strip out the old leather interior, and reduce the cabin noise so I would not have to wear the headache causing noise attenuating headsets. Andy removed the old interior, and we simultaneously pulled the oxygen tanks for their required five year certification. He installed 3M Y-370 super soundproofing in every nook and cranny of the cabin, including the gear door hump, the back of the tail cone access panel, and inside all the doors including the baggage access door. At the same time Andy installed the Las Vegas Aero double paned window in the pilots door.

Andy recommended that we install wool in place of the leather to assist in sound absorption. My wife then selected four different wool fabrics from which Andy designed a most attractive blue interior with gray headliner. The end result has been beautiful to look at, comfortable to sit in, and pleasant on the ears. We now wear Telex Airman 750 “Walkman” type earphones with mike in the front seats, as we like the microphone for talking to ATC. We really don’t need any headsets, and the folks in the back normally don’t wear them, even though they are available.

We haven’t checked the actual decibel level, but the noise reduction was substantial, and our cross country trip are much more pleasurable.

I suggest anyone interested in lowering the cabin noise in an airplane talk with Andy. His shop does truly superior work, and virtually everyone that has seen the interior comments on it’s beauty and workmanship.

C.R. McGill
San Diego CA




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Dear Andy:

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the new interior in our 421-C Golden Eagle, which you recently installed.

From the first day we began discussing the work, choosing fabrics, etc., through the completion of the job, your helpful attitude and willingness to please were always apparent. The fact you take so much pride in the finished product results in each detail being completed no matter how insignificant. The results are obvious as attested to by the numerous comments we have had.

Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for any prospective clients.

Kindest personal regards.

Yours very truly,

Mitchell Development & Investments
John T. Mitchell
Managing Partner


TESTIMONIAL: Puu Lani Ranch Corp.


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August 11, 1992

Dear Andy:

I want to compliment you on the beautiful job of soundproofing and refurbishing that you did on my “Riley 421 Turbo Rocket”.

I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship and the way that you paid so much attention to detail.

The complete job is very impressive!.. I am constantly being complimented by the people at the airport that insist on “taking a peek” at the inside of my plane.

Many thanks again, Andy. It was a genuine pleasure doing business with you. I sincerely hope that you are as proud of your work on N23NB as I am.


Newell Bohnett




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Dear Mr. Mirabelli:

My extreme satisfaction with the new interior in my T210 necessitates the writing of this letter. Specifically I was impressed with:

  • The timely manor in which you completed the job.
  • The quality of your work was of the nature I often look for, but seldom find.
  • The unexpected extras like chroming or repainting of hardware were a nice surprise.
  • Your suggestion to use higher quality fabrics and leather was an excellent recommendation.
  • Though the price seemed extravagant at the time, I certainly am glad I selected your firm and believe I truly got what I paid for.

I look forward to your recommendations regarding an interior in my glider in the near future.

Thanks again,

Roger Shea

P.S. Should you have prospective clients that need a recommendation regarding your work I would be most happy to talk with them.